At “Lapin”, an accredited kindergarten or Kodomoen, we aim at providing rich and integrated educational environment from nought to school age.

The Sakado Azuma Kindergarten was founded 37 years ago. We will open certified kindergarten or Kodomoen, “Lapin”that provides integrated education which rooted in the area. We made it possible to accept children who are too young to receive childcare in a kindergarten.

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What is an accredited kindergarten or Kodomoen?

The law about promotion of comprehensive offering of the education for the pre-school children " was enforced on October 1st in 2006. Thereby prefectural governors gave approval for “accredited Kodomoen” for kindergarten that meet the standards for the comprehensive childcare and education for preschoolers.
With dual functions “to provide child care and education for preschoolers” and “to support child rearing in the area” those certified kindergarten or Kodomoen must meet the certified standards of personnel arrangement, personnel qualifications, the content of education and childcare and child rearing.