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Spread your winds around the world!

Cultural exchange with two schools in England.

Sakado Azuma kindergarten is involved in International exchange activities with one infant school and one primary school in Norwich in England.

Very old open-air market / yellow bear is “Barnaby” from Chapel Break Infant School / red bear is “Jack” from Reepham Primary School

Hello! Pen friend!

Our children make friends with the children in England and exchange messages one on one.
We hear happy voice “I’ve got a reply from so-and-so!” every time a message arrives.

A message for a friend in England is put in the mailbox. (see the photo above.)/ A teacher from England put the messages that have arrived into the mailbox in the room. (see the photo below.)

Let’s grow vegetables together!

Our children are growing the same vegetables as our friends in England. We grow daikon radish every year, but daikon in England is much smaller than that in Japan. By growing vegetables, children learn the differences of climate and environment between two countries and thus acquire indispensible living experience they cannot gain other places, to understand each other’s culture by eating vegetable they harvest.

Japanese daikon: January (left) English daikon : January (right) / Rice planning using a bucket together with a teacher from England (photo right below)

We will stay friends for good.

Japan was hit by major earthquake in March. On the very next day, we received a lot of email asking about our safety. According to the teacher from England, not only children but also their parents inquired about our children’s safety almost everyday, “Are the children at Sakado Azuma all right?”.

In response to the tragic earthquake, our friends in England sent us a lot of “friendship bracelets” . The thought “we are together no matter what happened” was put into these bracelets. Our children have many friends in a far country across the ocean. We would like to continue to cherish this bond with our friends overseas.

Friendship bracelets