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At Sakado Azuma kindergarten, our concept for extended day care is to provide a place to make children feel that “it’s good to be back”

Full-time teachers for extended day care greet children after greet children after kindergarten every day from Monday to Friday. It’s located in the different building; the place is longed by children. During extended day care, there are a number of amusements such as snacking, playing outside, block play inside the room, Origami, etc. We give “one-day child minding” during a long vacation. During “one-day child minding”, we are planning outside activities such as zoo or nearby waterfall.

Kids Play Park is a facility located on the kindergarten site. We provide day care from the time when childcare ends to 5 o’clock in the evening.

Enjoi is day care facilities that are located 5 minutes from kindergarten by car and 3 minutes walking from Kita-sakado Station on Tobu Tojo line. We converted a house for the atmosphere where children can relax and feel at home. Day care can start before the start of kindergarten and from the time after childcare to night, a long hour childcare is available. ※Please ask about details to us.

enjoi photo