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Gym activities

Everyone loves it!

At Sakado Azuma kindergarten,
a gym class will start for intermediate class and up.

Children love weekly gym class!
Mat exercise, swimming pool, jump rope, exercising bar, etc.
We cultivate strong body and mind for never ending challenging by moving body with fun. Gymnastic instructions in a bold but tender manner is given by male teachers with tasks to help children feel the joy of exercise such as jump rope, exercising bar, mat exercise, vaulting box, swimming instruction and others.

In addition to these gym activities, we play tag and dodge ball with energy, which is exercise and play, in large exercise area. Children learn the comfort of exercise and challenge various exercises such as exercising bar jump rope, using the ground small or large at will. “I made it. Look at me!” with sparkling smile of children is wonderful.

English Lesson


Although English is really just another language like Japanese,we are apt to think of it in terms of "Studying" and "difficult".

At Sakado Azuma Kindergarten,our English program places the emphasis on the concept of "English By Ear" ; that is, communication with native teachers through games and songs. On the days that native teachers are here, happy-sounding children can be heard in conversation with them, saying such things as: "Hello", "Howareyou?", "I'm happy" etc.

Formative activity

We create art with overflowing creative power, color, materials and full of ideas.

Formative activity is a favorite place for children to express themselves.

Look! Sheets became beautiful butterflies. Children saw them through the sunshine and exclaimed “how beautiful!”
We are amazed and moved by completion, which changes day-by-day, minute by minutes. Occasionally, professional designer works with children. We feel new and fresh by engaging in unordinary activities.

Formative activities