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pecialty water –Πwater

We finally found healthy water with great taste!
Child’s body consists of 70% of water. Without good water, blood and fresh will be tainted and building healthy body impossible. We built the facilities so that indispensible water is available from every faucet on the site for young children whose metabolisms are very active.
Children love good tasting water.

Our water is checked quarterly by the Japan Food Research Laboratories.



What We Learnt from Ladybug
-The story of ladybug rescue crew begins -

at Tokyo University

Older children (5-6 years old) “Matsu or Pine” Class
On November 30, children found ladybug in sunny spot of the classroom. They thought the unmoving ladybug was weak and released the bug in the garden. Later, those who remembered the pattern on the bug did the research in a picture book. They learned there are various kinds of ladybugs and categorized them according to habitat, what they eat, color or patterns, usefulness and life span into a large hand-made picture book. And the children reported about their free study during playing.


Growing crops in the field is really difficult!
- A gift from Teacher “Grandpa” was field -

at Tokyo University

Older children (5-6 years old) Matsu Class
Children challenged to grow vegetables in the field donated by Teacher “Grandpa” who passed in April 2008. However, it was the first time for the children to deal with fields disputed having experience to grow vegetable in a planter.
They struggled with pest and temperature or climate, but harvested Komatsuna from family Brassicaceae and spinach from family Chenopodiaceae, cooked them and reported the first year field activities until they were finally able to eat.


Growing rice by children

at Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.

Older children (5-6 years old) “Sugi or Ceder” Class
With the annual target to have “rice cooked in cauldron”, the children challenged rice planting with bucket in their hands. They went to ask a man in the neighborhood who grows rise how to plant rice or witnessed the rice harvest, all of them observed the rice growth everyday and grow rice with a lot of love.
Despite little amount of rice harvested, they thrash and polished rice in the god old style by themselves and had tasty rice cooked in the cauldron which was their goal. Straw left after harvest will be utilized as decoration for New Year. They presented the process from rice planting to harvest in picture-story show.


Educational exchange with British primary school and the future. -What is this seed?-

at Tokyo University

Mystery seeds sent from the United Kingdom. It still remained mystery after sowing. Purple string shaped something is germinating. The shape is like string beans, but it’s purple!!! We had to ask our friends in the U.K. its name and if it’s edible or not. Their answer was that those were Called French Runner Beans” which was delicious kidney beans as well. As soon as we know it, we immediately harvested and cooked them. Wow! When putting a purple kidney bean, the color of bean turned green! Children who saw that shouted for joy! “That’s soooooh delicious!” when they ate them. Based on the advise from British teacher, we conducted “sprout experiment” and firmly confirmed that sprout appeared from the seed harvested. The seed was given to friends who will be senior next year.
We presented the growth of the “mysterious seed” over a year and international exchanged with interviews of the teachers from British exchange school.